As an industry leader in creative technology, Celtra makes software for the most innovative agencies, brands, and creative thinkers. With Creative Automation, brands can: 

  • Easily scale digital creative assets: 3x higher volume compared to manual production
  • 2x speed-to-market: launch more campaigns faster and cut out repetitive and time-consuming design tasks like versioning and resizing
  • Streamline design, reviewing, versioning, iteration, and delivery of creative for real-time collaboration in the cloud
  • Make mid-campaign creative refreshes to live assets with agility while maintaining brand integrity. 

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Tim Durney

Tim Durney is the Agency Development Lead at Celtra, ensuring teams are enabled to produce compelling creative content at scale. Tim brings a deep understanding of both creative and marketing operations and the synergies that can exist between agency and brand teams. Prior to joining Celtra, Tim worked in consulting where he specialized in rewiring marketing and creative teams for speed, collaboration, and customer-centricity to drive growth while reducing costs.

Interested in learning how to multiply creative volume and variety, go to market faster, and out-market the competition? Find out how Celtra can help you achieve these goals and solve your creative production challenges.

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Celtra's Creative Automation software enables speed, automation, and control in creative production. It helps brands like Spotify, Adidas, YETI, and hundreds more scale creative for performance marketing, localization, and personalization.

Tim Durney

Agency Development Lead

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